MWA performs marketing and consulting projects for post-acute care organizations in long-term
    care and assisted living, companies providing services to the LTC and AL industry and provider

  • Market Studies for New Facilities/Programs, Competitor Research (including mystery
          shopping) and Analysis, and Strategic Marketing Plan Development.

  • Managed Care: Review, Analysis, Negotiation, Completion and Implementation of
    managed care contracts for provider and payor organizations.  Design, Development and
    Operation of networks consistent with applicable standards.

  • Revenue Cycle: From verifying that listings in managed care directories are accurate,
    correct handling of referrals (treatments appropriately authorized, single case
    agreements/ letters of agreements completely as necessary, reviewing payments to
    ensure compliance with contracts/agreements, to contractual collection issues with
    payers and patients.

  • Reimbursement: Fee schedule expertise RBRVS fee schedules for physicians and other
    healthcare practitioners (allied health, etc.), per diem, APGs and MS DRGs, as well as
    episode of treatment case rates for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

  • Internal/External Training and Community Outreach Education Programs to impact
          Census Development: Behavior Based Interviewing for Customer Service Qualities,
          Conducting Tours that Close on Admits; Staff members’ role in census development;
          Patient progress and satisfaction results in business development; tiering and targeting
          referral sources; Sales Training

  • Public Relations: Articles, Advertising, brochures, newsletters, printed materials, web
          content, CEO speeches, videos and commercial production (scripts, styling, editing),
          etc.), special event planning, brand identity and awareness

  • Recruiting for physical rehabilitation therapists (Occupational, Physical and Speech
          Therapists) openings for clients
Current Projects
Ms. Mason is currently on
a project for Texas
Woman's University,
Department of
Occupational Therapy
with development of the
Friends of OT Program

MWA is available for
short-term and
long-term projects as
well as interim
MWA is available for short and Long term projects as well as interim assignments.